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«Nataliia's Cleaning Service»

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Since the company "Nataliia Cleaning Service" was founded in 2020, our skilled professionals have worked hard to provide the best services in the industry.  Our proposals are tailored to specific needs and tasks.  Contact us for a quote.




We have recently moved to our new home.  And we urgently needed to clean it.  We ordered Natalia's house cleaning servant Cleaning Service.  They did a perfect job of cleaning and very quickly.  My wife and I were satisfied.



Thanks.  We are very happy with this service.  They are the best.


Skyler Adelson

They cleaned the backyard perfectly. Thanks. 👍

More about us.

Trusted cleaning service provider

      Trusted cleaning service provider.
    Our company "Maid in USA Nataliia Cleaning Service" have lots of extensive experience in home and office cleaning services.  Over the years  of practice and work, we have made sure that good service from start to finish is done by experienced and friendly professionals, so we approach the recruitment process responsibly.  We believe that our team is one of the best in the industry and we have full confidence in everyone who works for us.      Nataliia's Cleaning Service completes each project with the highest quality and on time.  Individual approach to service, attractive prices and satisfaction of all customer requirements allow us not only to meet, but to exceed their expectations.
      Наша компания имеит большим опытом  в сфере услуг по уборку дома и офисов. За годы  практики и работы мы убедились, что хороший сервис от начала и до конца делают опытные и доброжелательные профессионалы, поэтому мы подходим к процессу найма со всей ответственностью. Мы считаем, что наша команда — одна из лучших в отрасли, и полностью уверены в каждом, кто у нас работает. Компания «Nataliia's Cleaning Service» завершает каждый проект максимально качественно и в срок. Индивидуальный подход к обслуживанию, привлекательные цены и удовлетворение всех требований заказчика позволяют нам не просто оправдывать, а превосходить их ожидания. 

To learn more.
Scrubbing the Walls

Washing the walls, skirting board.

Wooden Floor

Floor cleaning

Woman Cleaning Furniture

Wipe off the dust.

Washing Window

We wash windows and mirrors.


Vacuum cleaner.

Window Cleaning

Roller shutters and blinds cleaning.


We clean the kitchen


Cleaning toilets, showers, bathtubs and washbasins.


Service Organizer, laundry, garbage disposal.

Vacuuming Couch

Service сleaning of upholstered furniture.

Contact us to find out more about the services available.

Contact us

Have questions, comments and suggestions? If you want to know the price? Write to us. Contact us and we will be happy to answer.


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Cleaning the Floor

Open house 


ПН–ПТ: 9:00–18:00
СБ: 10:00–14:00
ВС: off

Bathroom Cleaner

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